Happy Matri-Monday

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I know this comes rather late in the day for some of you, 
But I haven't been on my computer as much so I can catch up 
on some much needed Cuddling and Sleep. 
2 things that I don't do enough of. 
As an indie and full-time Cubette, I am constantly working on projects and bringing
to bed the stresses of those projects and the fullness of eating. 
But I must stress the importance of unwinding and leaving the
crap that frustrates you from work at the door. 
I'm not going to pretend that I always remember this tidbit, 
but I have definitely been able to identify when I am venting 
way beyond my allotted 10min mark and that the air is being sucked out and tainted
with gloom. 
So my go to: vino, sheer & lace and some earplay 
The crate is full of mood lifters, Aretha, Chaka, Carly, & my crush Nat
and there is always a red stored or a tart white chilling in the fridge. 
We have accepted that we love movies and the tele, so we find flicks that we 
can both agree on to pass the time while we work. Of course with random slow dances 
in between (sounds hella cheesy, but it's totally true)
Make sure you find out what it is that chills you the heck out and helps
shed the dead skin of the traffic, the meetings, the deadlines and 
makes your hun want to even be around you. 
 (raising my glass)
Here's to making cuddling apart of your nightly routine.

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