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Oh my pitiful "workspace"...
The concept doesn't seem to want to cement itself in my home as I have 
buckets, bins, & supplies in every room but the bathrooms. 
(yes this includes the kitchen because I just found a string wad of thread in the entry way)
It's pretty ridiculous and a main cause of stress and pressure. 
All I want to do when I come home from my 
cubelife, is sit in a space that promotes thought and 
inspiration and clarity. 
So for my birthday, I figured instead of indulging 
in sugar, honey, ice, & tea that 
will fall apart, fray, a dinner that will also fade, I decided 
that I wanted to create a space for myself. 
Now this is not intended to be an expensive 
project since we are in an apartment 
and will begin our house hunt soon.  
Merely something that will allow our dining table 
to be dined at and not shellacked in randomness. 

The goal is to reflect my color-lovin personality and an 
NOT have too many 
options for storage, since for me, that promotes "collecting" and 
stashing things that I don't necessarily need. 
That is a whole other issue. 

If you have any reco's for furniture or organization tips, feel free to drop them below!



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