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Hope you all are having a good night thus far.
Le Hub and I are just chillin watching movies with 
a glass(es) of vino, chips and salsa,
because you know.....that goes perfect together.

As for the rest of the day, I spent some much needed time reflecting
on life, future projects and ventures. I also spent the entire day with my 
mama! Since being married I haven't had much time to hang with her. 
We stopped at a great little cafe/restaurant in Virginia Highlands and just sat 
and ate and enjoyed the much needed time out of the office in the glorious sunlight.

We also popped into Young Blood Gallery.
It has been a while since I have visited.  
And since we live in North Atlanta & far 
from the city I don't get to inhale the magic often. 
But when I do get a chance, 
boy does it sit comfortably in my soul. 
Here are some of the pieces that are housed in the shop.

May your weekend be full of discovery
and beauty. Music and Laughter.
Love and Reflection. 



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