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Not sure if you have heard yet, but 
has finally launched online!!! 
(que the choir of angels, the partition of clouds, and beaming sunlight)

My feet were literally pitter-pattering in my cube
when i scoped out all the glorious goodies.
My favorite spruce up home accessory is definitely pillows.
Some people are ruggies, others indulge in bedding, or tables, 
But pillows are just an easy and affordable way 
to express the mood and tone of your home 
especially when you are in temporary location like I am.
I had a tough time deciding which version of myself i would play into.
The simple, shiny pieces are perfect and timeless but I think I am more of a Pattexlor gal.
(Pattexlor- a word I made up to define the perfect balance of pattern, texture, and color)

Totally stuck in the middle of a fantastic road. 
Which one would you choose??


  1. I have been lusting over everything on this site all day! It's amazing and a bit dangerous for my budget.

    Stay in the Lines

    1. So very dangerous! but so good!