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In my opinion,
there is nothing less attractive than dry, chapped lips.
Next to your eyes, your mouth is one of the first things a person notices
upon being introduced to you.  Its what you occasionally focus on during conversations
 We all know the winter months can be a brutal and relentless wench when 
it comes to our skin. Our kissers mustn't be left out of our skincare routine. 
And throwing on an extra coat or two of Carmex or Rosebud doesn't always do the trick. 
So I figured I'd share my super simple routine that includes 3 of my favorite go to ingredients. 

1. spoon a 1/2tsp of brown sugar and a single drop of honey and olive oil on to a plate. 
(shapes not always required, but hell why not right?!)
2. Mix sugar and honey first to create a tacky-paste.
3. Collect the sugar-honey mixture and dabble it around in the olive oil.
4. scoop it all up.  it should remain thick and not too loose. you can always add more sugar if it is.
5. using your fingers, apply the scrub to your lips in a circular motion, gently exfoliating to remove the dry skin.
6. let the scrub sit on your lips for 2-3 minutes. this allows the olive oil to do the job of moisturizing and conditioning your lips. Wash of with warm water & Voila!!! 
You should be left with smooth & flush lips all prepped for smoochin' and snuggling during the cold season. 
i would recommend doing this treatment in the evening and applying a light balm over night. this only helps the skin rebuild and renew. 



  1. nice tip, and the cool thing is those are items most likely in evryones house


    1. Yeah...I try to keep these DIY easy and using common kitchen ingredients. Glad you enjoyed!