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So, you know how you meet people that some how change your life. 
Maybe they gave you your big career break or left you a huge tip during the holiday's,
or introduced you to your current beau. 
Well, my best friend has done none of these.
What she has done 
is extended her ear thousands and thousands of times over the years.
She's listened to be gripe about fellow cheerleaders, hugged over high school drama, spared me a bra...
She was the first person I called when my water broke 
(other than my mother & hub)
(note to self:must tell you guys the story of how that all went down)
The list can go on...


Yesterday, she got married. 
In a small church in the country she walked down the aisle in a 
glistening gold cardigan (that i need to borrow)and blush creme dress.
Closest family and a handful of friends from both sides in attendance, so I was beyond honored to 
be there to witness such a beautiful extension of love.

They say your life flashes before you if you are in a dangerous situation.
For me, life flashes before me during weddings. 
A slideshow of all the memories, dances, conversations that we've had pour out and become 
tears. Yup, I'm such a crier at weddings. It marks such a point of growth and maturation. Like you are leaving your youth behind.
But most importantly, its all the Love.
For someone to volunteer to be a rock and a fortress when you have 
very little hope or faith, is a deed that can't possibly be rewarded with anything other than 
the purest and sincerest form of love.

1. le bubbly/2.the little country church of love/ 3.Murphy's--a must if you visit ATL
4. peek of my Anthro dress (sorry didn't take any other photos of it)

Here are a few outtakes from the day yesterday.
I hope you all have a Happy Monday!!!

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