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Hey guys! 
I am at my 6 month mark in my hair journey (which it definitely is!) 
I thought I'd share my recent go to do. 
I've been busy keeping up with holiday demands and haven't had much time to
primp like I normally do so I have resorted to styles that require little prep time or 
that I can go to sleep in.
I love the look of beachy hair, but since we're in the colder months and I'm on 
the east coast, visiting a beach any time soon is not likely. 
But that's not going to keep me from rocking my favorite summer style.

 1. Start with 2 side french braids. I typically tuck mine in so there isn't a wonky bend at the ends. 
2. Release the pinned braids a la Pippy style.
3. Begin un-braiding one side slowly. Rushing causes frizz.
4. Repeat on the other side.
5. Give your roots a good finger fluff and separate the large sections of waves. 
6. Grab a few bobbi pins or clips and you're set!!! 

Simple Right! 
Easy Beachy waves without the beach or heat! 

** The scarf used is optional and in my case used to tame the frizz at the root.

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