Happy Matri-Monday

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And it has happened.
I have fallen from grace! 
The other day, I came home from a long day at work and slapped on my comfies. 
Nope these aren't cute little sweatpants with a semi-sexy tank.
Let me paint a picture:
Rainbows bent in heart shapes are strewn across pajama pants, 
paired with a marigold yellow volunteer T-shirt. Comfortable, yes. Flattering, not at all. 

We have been married a year and a half now and i realized that 
I never took a moment (or allotted in my budget)  to purchase cute around-the-house-wear. 
I am shaking a finger at myself for falling by the wayside. 
And I hate to use motherhood and business building as an excuse, but 
can I get a whispered Amen from the moms, wives, and working women that 
simply don't have time to remember what you look like at home!? 
(hope there is at least one) 

So I am taking matters into my own hands before hubs complains out loud.

So I decided to start highlighting great sleepwear that target 
who I consider "the woman with the full plate" 
True & Co has great pieces that are not only comfortable but cute. 
The above is for when you are in "mommy mode": kids are home from school, 
your cooking, but would jump out of the window if you had to stay in that pencil skirt
for another second. The tanks and bottoms give you room to eat and 
function with out hiding your flattering bits from hubs! Get me?

Being sexy is not something that gracefully comes to me. 
I have always been "cute" so wearing lacies with finesse isn't my forte. 
but I give it a go every now and then. 
I chose these particular styles because they tend to be flattering on most body types
and really highlight the curves without being too overt. 
And the coverups...ALWAYS and I do stress always 
have a cover up.  Children (small ones in particular) tend to sleep walk and appear out of nowhere
at the worst times. So these are a must when having you quality time....
Trust me.

 I will be doing a few more of these as I discover great brands.  
After all, Up keep is pretty essential to keeping this show going! 
Hope you all have a Happy Monday!!!!

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  1. It's always been my dream to have fabulous lounge clothes, but you're right, it's something that never seems to happen. These choice would definitely add a bit of interest.

    Stay in the Lines