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Happy Monday babes & beaus!!
No much going on over here. 
I have re-open the shop after putting it on vacation, just to wrap up 
some loose ends and spend some QT with my favorite girl and my husband. 
 I added some luuuuurvely new colors to the Daiene Belts that would be perfection
for Spring.  Brides go ahead and hop on that train. 
(whispers:  one lucky lady and her posse will be in for a treat!!)

I'm a tad bit excited about March! Monday has that effect. 
I'll be attending this little workshop
the title grabbed me by the neck and shook me!
Sometimes you need a little guidance in order to live in your passion
wisely and not strut it out like a bumbling fool. 
I'd hate for it to turn out that way. 

Launching something for the pocket sized community!!! 
 more on that very very soon!
let's just say your hands will be busy busy busy! eeeeeeepppp!

If your Monday has been sucky already, take a hop over here
and I promise you, you will be alive afterward. 
Trust me, I wouldn't steer you wrong. 

Lets lust over a few things together. 

Cheers to a productive week!---Kel

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