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we took a long as all hell quick drive to witchita falls, texas. 
I will never recommend this to anyone. 
I am thoroughly exhausted. 
 we went for my husbands grandfather's funeral. 
though i am never usually adding this spot to the list of vacay spots, 
it is always very relaxing and far from the hustle bustle of the city 
and chock full of hidden treasures.

 there is something about stumbling upon old 
hotel signs that instantly pulls you into 
another era...
And with a broad texas sky as your backdrop
who could resist those splashes of color and the simplicity of the 

and would you believe that all of these motels are 
out of service! 
run down, boarded up, glazed in dust and
heaping piles of trash, they are like jewels found in the mud pits.

groovy huh?!!! 
So much happened on this short trip and
 I took tons of photos and did a lot of observing.
I will be sure to catch you all up soon.


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