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Let me be frank...
What drew me in were the colors. 
Plain and simple. 
Y'all know I'm a color-holic and I am 
on an endless search for great, unexpected combinations
to be inspired by. Not only for work, but for personal 
style and for the ability to say, "HA!! you can make olive and cloud blue work!"
John Hoyland puts that "A-Ha" wand in my hand.

Now, don't be confused by the sherbert-y palette here. 
These are just a few representations of his softer palettes
Just Google him and the breath of rich and saturated hues
is extensive.
 I'm using this last one as a screen saver now for it's
lack of noise is just what my cluttered desktop needed 
to shush it down a bit.
Hope you enjoyed!  sometimes I can be in a tunnel, going over the same 
bumps or in this case genre and style.
If you have any artist that you'd like to recommend, I'm always up for
something new! Just leave it in the comments. 

To discover more art dance over here.

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