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So Jane O asked me to give you guys
a run down of my past.  In particular, the college days.
It seems like forever and a half ago that 
I was in school. I feel like I morphed into a completely 
different being since then.  Why, you ask?  Because I am
I guess now is a great time to rip off a very sticky 
band aid on a very hairy leg.

My college days were the loveliest. 
If you didn't know already, I went to SCAD in Savannah, 
which painted the perfect backdrop for figuring one's self out.
Academically it was great! I was challenged and kneaded like dough 
and essentially mentored into figuring out what my greatest passion was:
 to create. 

(i've always been pretty colorful through and through; this was at the 
Sangrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain 2006)

I leapt at the opportunity to survive off of wine and bread study abroad
at the SCAD Lacoste location. 
This experience was where my entire perspective on 
life and the essence of that which I call love changed. 
During my 4 year experience, 3 of those were spent wrapped up 
in a "relationship" that was probably one of my biggest regrets to date. 
Yes, people like to say, "you shouldn't live life holding on to regrets of the past."
While that is very true, I feel as though this relationship totally and utterly blinded me
from what could have be a grander experience. 
Since we're kind of talking art, Let's paint a picture shall we:
We were the oddest pair...me super petite, him super tall.
We were that couple arguing in the dorm parking lot 
 probably at midnight. We were the "im in love with you, but i hate
every cell in your blood stream because it's giving you life" couple. 
we were toxic to each other. But he was "funny" and different! 
And different is great right?? Out the box and comfort zone is were the 
magic happens right!? Not always.
Yes, it's embarrassing. And yes I wish I could have replaced that 
time spent and lost with fistfuls of friends that I found later on
that would have fed positivity into my life. 
But I didn't. The forces pulled us apart and I tried my damnedest to bring
us back together, for whatever reason.
And no it wasn't for sex. I was a virgin up until I met my now husband.
(tmi??? oh well.... consider that a 'discover me' bonus ha!)  
But, I can put a positive spin on this, believe it or not. 
The one night I slapped myself and forced myself out of my house
and away from work was the night I was introduced to my now husband. 

I seriously remember the conversation I had.
"Kel, he is the worst thing that you could intentionally give yourself. 
You don't even like the taste of Nyquil, but you'll serve yourself heaping 
piles of shit for dessert??? You can't. Enough is enough! Go out, see your 
friends. Start a new conversation and damnit don't bring up his name.
Put on some big hoops (I was in my "Lily Allen door knocker" phase) and 
just chill. You have A's in all your classes so just go have fun!" 
And I did just that. 

 I took this a few minutes before I forced myself out of the house. 
Yeah... zooming in hella close was apparently my thing. couldn't find many
zoomed out selfies.
And speaking of Lily Allen....

I hate that "a boy" was the first thing I thought of when Jane, 
asked me about my college days, but to be honest, I 
mistakenly made my college days about "a boy". 
Thankfully, Lacoste happened when it did. It prompted the change.
 I owe my life to the South of France. 
Glad to say that I am on to the best and greatest loves ever, for me. 
Doused in honesty, passion, and willingness to create a world for 
each other that doesn't resemble what either of us had in the

Jane I hope that answers your question. 
Oh and about Greek life, no I didn't pledge because 1. SCAD didn't have Greek life & 
2. I too busy to pledge anywhere nearby.
If you have any other inquiries, I will be happy to answer them. Serious or cheeky. 
I am pretty unfiltered and not afraid of my own past. 



  1. "The one night I slapped myself and forced myself out of my house and away from work was the night I was introduced to my now husband." This is confirmation of the truth that the moment you determine with all of your heart to let something/someone go, it is replaced with better. Maybe not immediately, but once you realize your error, affirm your worth, and resolve to desire better, it comes! Great post! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I think I asked a very nice question. But honestly, I think you answer it very frankly. People say we often find ourselves in college. So I like to ask people that question, so as to get a sense of who they are, or were, or where they are coming from. Kel, I am glad you had a good time in school and had the opportunity to travel, and it sucks that the experience was ruined by some man. Though I am sure you learn a thing or two from that. If not much, at least you knew to recognize that your husband was not like the other guy. And you learn to know that you didn't want 'that other guy.'

    Glad you put those hoops on and braved the night, Kel! I love getting to know you. These series are so yummy. Thank you for not holding back.