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Oh Yes!!!!
This is exactly what goes on in the cube once I roll
into the office on a Friday morning.  
Plus or minus a few things. But I think you guys 
know how the beat goes! 

Just wanted to throw a couple pieces of fetti in the air
for a few people and places:

Jessica of My Style Vita picked the perfect dress for the Emerald Daiene Belt

This gal simply makes me cheery... and her blog will lift you out of a thick funk.
(say that last part 5 times fast...yeah screws up quick huh?)

The Hunter Style went to the velvet underground in Cobalt

 A few pieces of yesness should be arriving here soon! yiippppy!!!

Totally in love with this pendant lighting...

Seriously this faux-ad is the best for of unintentional perfection I have seen in forever!
makes me miss my fashion illustration days in school

Love seeing mini people giving love...or at least trying their hardest.

Getting my thoughts started on cuteness to deliver this Easter.

Added some pieces of pow to the shoppe this week! Have you seen them yet?

I hope you all have a splendid weekend! 
Fill it to the brim with badassery and magic!
Laughter and love!
Food and....more food! 
a take a sip or two of something yummy while your
at it!

Bisous! ---Kel

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  1. I love your sash belts, Kel! Awesomeness. Oh yes? I would love to hang out in your office on Fridays ^_^

    Ah man, that little girl made me like the little boy. Poor kid. I would have just sat there and cried.