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Happy Friday! 
Boy it's been pretty dry on my end, huh!? I blame the cubelife for 
taking over. But I am back to touch on some major yesness 
going on with the shoppe.
Yesterday, I introduced to you all that follow me, my new posse...
yup it's a gang of gals that I am totally, butt crazy in love with (Josh)
(sorry, had to go all the way with that Clueless reference) 
But, yeah, I have been wanting to give the mini community their
fair share of fun and fancy so I thought up a few ideas and 
landed in softly in the arms of imagination. 

 SeEm by (r-ki-tekt) is my foray into to the hearts of children. 
With the guidance of Chloe, my mini, I cooked up a brood of 
automatic friends for kids. And they are the best friends ever, because
you can totally control what they say and do.
Which means the compliments, ooo's and ah's are endless. 

No, but seriously, I was given a puppet similar to these years ago in 
Pre-K (in Miss Kevaney's class in NY...my favorite teacher to date)
It was the simplest of toys, and always trumped all the 'new' toys
because I could always create a world of my own with her. 
Lately, my mini has been a little too interested in her kiddie tablet. 
I have a feeling that she isn't the only kid that is attached to it and
 I'm not the only mom that's sad about.
So I want to remind her and other mini's of the gift of imagination and creativity. 

In case you are wondering, (r-ki-tekt) is not, by any means ending
but more so expanding. So now I have a dose of lovely for the big girls
and for the petites. And it won't stop at puppets 
and girls for SeEm, as I am looking to cater
to the pocket sized community as a whole.
We'll see where this goes right? It's a leap of faith, love, and passion.
Take a stroll on over to my shoppe to check em out and 
tell me what you think. 

Have a great weekend!!!

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