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It has been a while since I have done a discover beauty post.
Mostly because I prefer quality & truth over quantity. 
I made the promise (to myself) that I would use more natural
products, skincare mostly. 
My skin was rebelling against me. 
My tried and true's were giving me the finger and 
I found myself lost in the aisles and at counters
searching for a solution, with a kung-fu grip on my 
wallet. So I played and tested. Got trial versions of a couple 
of items but the bundle was cut down and I thought that I could
share with you all my daily regimen for skin cleanse and care.

Beginning In Shower.
this is probably the simplest, but was the hardest to 
narrow down. Apparently over time I developed a skin allergy
to scented and overly perfumed soaps.
(I know, let's all shed a single tear on that one)
After walking up the bath aisle with arm loads of
everything and accumulating a Y2K hoarders amount of 
body washes underneath the sink, I have found my holy grail.

 1. Aveeno-
(Duh) How did I not try this during round 1?
No it doesn't smell like a nymph frolicking in the valley, but it does
leave my skin unbelievably moisturized and not at all stripped.

2. Chloe Shower Gel- 
Chloe is my "signature" scent...I have tried purchasing other fragrances 
but I am a Chloe girl through and through. 
Just in case there is a gal out there that doesn't know this I will reiterate the 
importance of layering your fragrance. 
In order for your fragrances that you spend your hard earned moo-lah
on, you must layer it properly. And it starts in the shower. 
Get that loofah and lather up with it last. This is not your cleansing 
wash, it is your dose of decadence. Afterwards, you will 
 add your lotion and parfum on your pulse points. Et voila.
The elevators are not shellacked with the scent, but the nose of 
the cute guy in the break room will definitely perk up. 
3. Sweet Lavender Soap Bar from Anthropologie.
Sometimes I need to remind myself I'm French. And with cometh French 
genes, cometh the bars of soap that take you to Provence. 
It is necessary and this soaps' scent lasts til the last sliver. 
I typically use this after I use the Aveeno at night. It makes
climbing into my nighties feel a little bit more feminine and fresh. 
And my husband is a fan of it too! There is nothing worse than 
coming to bed with layers of a "day time" fragrance on. It kind of 
allows my body to turn down.

Onto my face!
Aside from the random DIYs this routine
is Catholic school nun strict. 
I changed it once and my skin gave me a lashing out of this world
in the form of acne and  scarring and dullness.

1. Olay 4-in-1 Daily Facial Cloths.
These are perfect for a gal like me that doesn't wear much makeup
on a daily basis. Gets the grit out and doesn't leave my skin sad and stiff.
After I lather my face with the cloth, I follow up with a $5 facial scrubber
from Sephora. It gets deep into my pores without leaving my skin raw. 

2. Clearsil Acne Cleansing Pads. 
Hormones are bitch. Period. 
And that is the main source of my headaches when it comes to
skin care. So these pads keep those zits in check.

3. Orange Blossom Water
My bit of nature. I usually interchange this with rose water as 
my toner and correcter. Just pour it in a spritzer bottle
 and let it air dry.
 I purchase mine at the Farmer's Market
for the low low. Not into spending "bill money" for a natural resource. 
 That's just me...

4. Cleasil Acne Treatment Cream.
As mentioned before, the monthly demons that 
show their face on my face are aggravating. This 
on the spot day/night cream gets those suckers in their place.

5. Grapeseed Oil
The craziest bit of yesness for my skin. 
For a long time I thought that adding oil was a no no for 
women of colour with oily/combo complexions. 
I was proven so wrong. Yes, it is an oily oil, but my skin completely
drinks this stuff up and is left uber soft. I mean if I could put my eyelids and brows
up here for a touch and feel I would. It's magic and your must try. Especially
for your night time routine. Your pores won't be clogged and grossed.
 You will wake up looking like your were kissed my angels. 
I promise.

I hope this helped those of you going through the motions
of figuring your largest & most important organ out.
If have any questions or skincare recommendations 
leave them in the comments.

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  1. I also use the Aveeno body wash in the winter - my skin doesn't like fragrance soap in the winter time!