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I'm slapping the back of my hand pretty hard. 
I've been a terrible blogger lately. 
But to completely honest, 
Not only am I going through a couple of life changes, 
I have been trying to reevaluate this space/mylife/creative purpose as a whole.
Yeah, having "time" will do that.
personally, I don't want this to be a complaining about life platform
and I'm sure you guys don't feel like hearing about the downside
of life, so I just use the golden rule: If you don't have anything nice to say...
But to share some lovely news that I received today:
I will be a vendor at this year's Summer ICE in Atlanta! 
I have a couple of other projects that I'm venturing into... 
needless to say May is going to be a helluva month.
I will surely loop you all in on the yesness floating in. 
Keep up with my daily shenanigans over here
Thanks for taking this interesting ride with me boo's! 

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