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Hey Beauts! 
I hope you all have had a fantastic week. 
This is my way of sending you all a smile, since I am refusing all selfie 
shots on IG for a bit... trust me, I'm doing you a huge favor.
Me, well, I have been asleep for the majority of it. 
Sick with whatever my mini cough onto me. 
(but I won't blame the gal, she knows no better while sneezing half asleep at 3am)
Today, I pried myself out of bed, threw myself into the shower and landed 
on the sofa. Remember people: Progress is a slow process. 
 Another process that is taking a while to develop: 
figuring out what I am going to do with my days.
Yup I am still ticking strong with (r-ki-tekt) 
(P.S. lovin this write up on Baba Souk featuring Siryn and the TopKnot Poms on 
Thee Tiffany Pratt's site---eeeeeepppp)
but, figuring out my own schedule can be overwhelming difficult, and glorious all 
at once. 
I am taking some much needed advice, but I have been doing way too 
much "figuring out" and not enough doing. 
Do you freelancers/work-at-homers/figuring-it-out-ers have that dilemma too?
(please tell me I'm not the only one!!!)

Any whoooo, I fully intend to start organizing myself
into a real indie/freelancers state of mind. 
As soon as I can take these crazy unattractive tissue nose
plugs out of my nostrils. 
Until then, I wish you all a relaxing, food consuming, & laughter inducing, weekend. 


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