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I thought I'd keep it light on this round of Discover Me
and just dish out some unblog tid bits. 
If you haven't heard of "unblogging", it's basically
not possessing typical blogger-like characteristics
 for starters:

1. I don't really like macarons. There. I said it. 
I like the chocolate ones, but honestly the others are just pretty to look at. 
gimme a hot chocolate chip cookie or a brownie and i'm won over.

2. I don't have a single Beyonce song on my itunes... yeah...not a fan. 
I will leave it at that before I get burned at the stake by her following.
But I love Solange!! Hey SoSo Hey!!!!

3. My house is a friggin mess...when I shoot anything, I have to stop and 
clear a space so laundry, cups, or mail piles are in the background. 

4. I buy Chloe's clothes from Target most of the time. 
She's an active kid and I would hate for her to ruin 
anything super nice. I will wait until she learns to sit still 
to pay a bunch for her wardrobe. 

5. I don't shop as often as most fashion bloggers do. 
and when I do I am always too busy to stop to set up a tripod to 
take an outfit shot. So to you fashionistas that do it daily, 
I am literally standing and applauding you right now. 

 6. Speaking of fashion... Lately I have been wearing my chambray shirts
leggings and flats... and that's it. Working from home has changed my
routine juuuuuust a bit. And honestly, unless my bestest forces me 
on a "No Chambray Day" then I'm going to be in chambray. 
sorry. it's cozy. 

7. I have a pc....

8. I totally decorated my daughter's room to be semi-photographic
and she insists on littering it with pillow pets and legos. 
so basically her room looks nothing like Pinterest...like I intended. 

9. I actually love quinoa, but I don't get kale chips at all. 
And i happen to love maruchan... I know it's terrible, 
but it's quick and easy and I health-ify it with tons of veggies and salmon.
Sue me. 

10. i don't like coffee... I've tried very hard to drink it. Even the heavily 
sweetened ones from Starbucks, but it doesn't stick. 
If we go on a cafe date, don't think I'm blah.
I'm a tea gal through and through. 

Whew!!!! That feels so much better. 
Let's all unblog together shall we... 
If you've got an unblog confession tweet it &  #unblog.
 If you got a question, go ahead ask me!


  1. First and foremost, I love that picture of you, Kel! And You've just blown out my Friday into a good jig.

    I hate macarons too. I've Beyonce on my iTunes but it is only because I got it for free and for a while it was good for working out. I'm with you on number three too! I just throw a sheet on my book case and use it as a background then wipe most of it out in photoshop!

    The last time I did coffee, I was shaking all over. Never again. This post made me laugh so hard. Thanks so much for sharing it and have a beautiful weekend.

    1. So glad I'm not rowing the boat solo! Have great weekend too!

  2. Love the term "un-blogging!" I've never tried macaroons, but they look really pretty on Instagram.

    1. Yeah they're gorgeous for sure. You can find them at Alon's bakery.