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my heart melts when I hear her voice...
Seriously, it is the sweetest thing I have ever known.
Her eyes are the widest and full of "what if's" and that 
is alright by me. I let her have her way with her mind
before the news, the influx of reality tv and life 
corrupt it. when she speaks, I savor it like one who's fasted
savors the first bite of steak on a Friday after Lent. 
the sentences are broken and whole all at once, yet the melody 
is oh so perfect. 
she sings to me while holding the side of my face. 
you know the way child actors do in movies or Target commercials. 
Only hers are real and are followed my neck tickles.
It is the sincerest form of love capped with infatuation that 
i have ever grown to know. 
And for this short moment I can call her mine. 
My very own ray of sunshine...my treasure.
And I can wipe her face in public and she knows it's out of love. 
she will curl up on my lap, even though she is over half my size and
still coax me into rocking her to sleep to the tune of Moon River. 
She is all mine for this moment and in my pocket is where I shall keep 

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  1. That is beautiful Kel. I hope she reads this someday when she can really appreciate your words. A very lucky little girl you have.