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**Warning: Nudity throughout the video, so watch this when you leave the office!**

This journey has not been candy-coated.
my pregnancy thus far has been exhaustive and occasionally left 
me terrified for reasons purely vain.
other than coping with the fact that I can't have my nightly glass of wine with my 
guilty-pleasure tv, I am coming to grips with the fact that
my body is no longer mine and it is morphing. Again.
Like most women who have been pregnant or even struggled with
your metabolism slowing down in your latter 20s, (at 26 it hit a brick wall)
you catch a glimpse of yourself naked in the mirror, prepped for
your shower and you are stopped by a "what they hell happened to my _____!!"moment 
you notice a new dimple, not on your face. your breast are trying to befriend your navel.
that crease on your back has grown deeper. 
your profile reads more like a long sigh.
I dip in and out of this slump simply because i feel alone 
at times. a 20 something with a mini and one on the way, with breast that are only in their
glory when I'm pregnant and the energy level of some 80 year old's
...hell I dont look like these lustful goddesses on tumblr.
Then I stumbled upon Jade Beall's initiative.
 Her photographic, super sized, post-it reminder to woman to
give that nagging voice in your head the finger and celebrate the reason
those tiger stripes exist. celebrate the birth mark. the pudge. the uneven breast.
 the weighed-down cheeks. the ripples. all of it. it is yours. 
Quiet down that megaphone enhanced voice inside your head
and find a way to enjoy your life and the body that will carry you through it.
hope this finds you well....
Cheers & Bisous---Kel

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