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Hey guys! 
So today is a pretty exciting day. As you know I am expecting a mini bean.
Today I find out the gender.  I have been so nervous and anxious about this. 
Everyone says its going to be a boy. I think partly because I already have Chloe. 
I guess my anxiety comes from not have much experience with little boys. 
There are 5 little girls (of the next gen) in my family. My cousin is having a 
little boy in a few weeks, so that will be the only little guy for miles. 
 Either way, we are super excited about whatever the outcome.
We are just really excited to have conceived successfully thus far.

This is just a snapshot of what's been going on in my neck of the woods. 
There is way more food than shown here, but I thought I'd spare you 
the excessive food shots. By the way have you all tried Cinnamon Roll waffles??!!
Just place a pop & fresh cinnamon roll in a waffle iron and presto!!!
Seriously the worst/best treat you could make in a pinch of time. 
There have also been some exciting growth opportunities for (r-ki-tekt) 
that I will share once it has been finalized. 
The sounds in my home have been mostly Amy singing and Chloe yip-yapping.
The countdown for back to school is on! 
OOH and the other day I visited my mom's and dug through the large truck of VHS's and 
relived my obsession with JTT. Wasn't he the most perfect specimen on the face of the earth 
in the 90s? My walls were covered with Tiger Beat posters of his face.
 Who was your favorite teeny-bopper crush?? There were tons to choose from then. 
Anywhoooo, I will keep you guys posted on the reveal. 
You can sly stalk on IG and Twitter

I hope you have a fantastic Tuesday! 

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