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Have you ever called yourself on your cowardliness?
I have been doing that a lot lately.
Mainly because I have a lot of going on that is beyond my control. 
As the weeks wind down, I have been finding myself a little 
scared about not only the delivery process, but life after with two.
People have been very coaxing, telling me how awesome 
it will be due to the fact that I waited [5 years] to have another. 
That Chloe will be a helpful and it will "all fall into place." 
I am just hoping that I will remember what to do. 
Aside from remembering the essentials (i.e. changing diapers, carrying, nursing)
I want to have the same amount of patience I had the first time around. 
My life and living situation was completely different. 
I was in my childhood bedroom, single, 22, and  hanging on to the hippie in me. 
Now I am a wife, developing my business, 27 and still trying to hang 
on to my youth for dear life.
Balancing a home and the emotional contentment of two other 
people is not the easiest job, 
so adding another tiny being that has not an earthly idea
of what to do just feels overwhelming. 
Thank goodness they pop out with cute toes and faces to add a 
buffer to the noise/late nights/ physical pain.
Are any of you going through major life transitions and finding yourselves 
a little apprehensive?---Kel  

**image edited for ATD by KCL

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  1. Aww. Hang in there. I am the queen of apprehension. You'll figure it out and everything will smooth itself out eventually!