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It's been a while since I have shown some love to my fellow bloggers. 
So I figured now was an appropriate time. 
Let's start with a burst of color, shall we?

A burst of color in the form of 
I seriously danced through her blog, twice on 2 separate occasions. 
All because of the addictive use of color throughout. 
Go ahead a take a visit. 
I dare you to deny your desire to dye your hair electric pink and orange 
by the time you close out your browser. 
Yeah, it's pretty impossible.
I know the holidays are over, but take a peek at her 
latest DIY post that is sure to make you want to keep the 
tree around for a few more days. 
Are you crushin' on a blogger? 
Go ahead and show them some love and let them know how they inspire
you. And please, do share it with us.--Kel

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