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Ahhh skincare. 
My favorite and least favorite subject. 
I love it because, well who doesn't love glowing, flawless skin. 
Hate it because of how obsessed I get with it. 
I can be a bit of a product hoarder. I love trying new things to achieve 
"perfect" skin. Mainly because skincare at this time is a bit of a job. 
Pregnancy breakouts can take a 1st class trip to hell for all I care. 
It is a doozy for sure. Full of intense breakouts with large, almost cyst like zits 
that over stay their welcome by a month or more. 
And the scarring....not my idea of bliss. But I have managed to find a 
rhythm that keeps the crazy skin shifts at bay. 

I must say, if you have problematic skin and constantly clogged pores, a brush is a must.
It helps remove all the grime and makeup that hand washing can't handle. 
I have seen dramatic improvements in the overall appearance of my skin 
since I began using the Pretika. 
I typically use it at night, when my skin is the dirtiest with a 
mild moisturizing cleanser. 
In the morning I stick to a gentle scrub/cleanser routine.

Now for the random spurts of zits, I religiously apply 
Burt's Bees Blemish Stick. It s pretty spicy and earthy, but it works like a charm. 
(my hub hates the smell, but it fades fast). I typically follow up 
with a vanishing cream to further dry out the problem area.
Afterwards I apply Garnier's Dark Spot Corrector to balance out the tone of 
my skin.

The most fulfilling of all the steps is moisturizing.
 Simple's lightweight moisturizer with SPF is perfect after applying 
acne products that tend to dry out my skin. 
Because we are in the colder months, I add a drop of grapeseed oil (at night) to my
lotion dollop for extra love and repair. 
(I also use grapeseed oil for eye makeup removal and conditioning)  

And there you have it. 
The basis of my skincare. 
It's pretty easy and no fuss for the mere fact that 
I don't have much time to lah-di-dah these days.
If you have problematic skin, I hope this helps a bit. 
Do you have an awesome, gold mine of a product for flary skin? 
Do share it with us!! 

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