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My go to reminder is Matthew 6:25-34 
I am a worry-wart. I am the make 8 lists before bed, check the stove
several times before leaving the house, the one who makes 
life comparisons, constantly tells my daughter not to touch 
everything in the store because of germs. 
And honestly it is what I dislike about myself the most. 
I try to be the care free spirit that I once was...
not sure where she ran off to. I think she was left in the labor & delivery
room next to my formerly perky "perks" when I became a mom for the first time. 
I have noticed that I am a bit more lax this time around with Levi. 
But there are definitely things that still worry me. 
My business. My health. My finances.
The safety of my family (ATL Snowmaggedon did not help with this at all)
The impact I am making in my daughters life. But honestly 
reading this verse allows me to breathe deeply and throw much of my
cares to the wind and mental prepare for the following day.
I can't possibly be the only one out there suffering from this, 
so tell me how do you get a  grip on...Life?

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  1. I JUST said a prayer about this last night. When I realized that my fear was robbing me of making good memories and being present in the moment. It's so hard. For me, it has to do with my childhood and just feeling like I have to look out for myself and protect myself and provide for myself. Yet I am reminded that as efficient as I think I am, I am NOT in control and I can NOT be in control because that pushes God out. I'm working on it.