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We recently stepped over to the light side and 
purchased all white bedding. 
Much to my husbands dismay, or should I say fear of our kids
messy tendencies, I took it upon myself to make our room
a bit more inviting by removing the dark colours that previously existed. 
You've heard me whoa about how anxious I am to have a home of our own,
and how over our apartment I am and can't wait to white-wash 
( a la Scandinavian decor style).
But we are simply "not there yet." So I am trying to 
enjoy the present and make our current space pleasant. 
Much to his surprise and mine
it now feels like we live in a hotel.
(minus the room service)
The room is ten times brighter and sexier. 
I swear I am in this video on Saturday mornings.  
If you are looking for a little budget friendly Spring pick me up for your bedroom  
I definitely suggest a linen overhaul as an easy refresher. 

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