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When I first saw this I said out loud...

A few weeks ago I did something very simple yet very huge in 
my opinion. I openly complimented who I always saw as my competition. 
Now, I am nowhere in their league. 
Nowhere near their level, but for whatever reason I put it in my head that we
are competitors. Yet I admired them beyond words. Studied them almost. 
As I my business grows, I have found myself looking to the left and to the right instead of ahead
comparing myself to a variety of businesses that are flourishing. 
This held me back. It kept me treading as opposed to really taking off. 
It made me bitter. It stole my joy of a sale or a well-received post. 
So as a therapeutic step forward I openly complimented their growth. 
Their success. Their heavy doses of inspiration. 
Though they were not aware of my "huge" step forward, 
I did. I felt a weight lift off of my shoulders and off of my mind. 
It freed me of the pressures of comparison and allowed me 
to take it all for what it was worth: INSPIRATION. 
Not Aspiration. 
With that said. The cookie is big enough for us all to have a bite. Hell, we can even have 2 bites. 
But being stingy with our talents and compliments will not get you far
off the ground. In fact it will keep you so firmly planted into the ground.
So do yourself a huge favor and free yourself of the weight of comparison in this
over saturated world we live in. Tell the girl who you think dresses better than you, 
that you adore her shoes, instead of scrolling past her page without liking it. 
Trust me you will feel so much better. 
Hope you are having yourselves a Happy Monday!
Make it golden.

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