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To say that I am undergoing a change is somewhat of an understatement.
I think it all...actually I know it all began when I went from 
working full-time in a cube to working full-time from home and 
giving birth to my son. Events of that magnitude can do that to a person. 
As they should.  As you should let them. 
I am welcoming it....now.

I say that with a tone of acceptance because there was tons of resistance.
Tons of push back from the creative and young spirited part of me
that just wants to be 21 forever. But that is not the case. 
With 30 around the bend, I have breathed the sigh of all sighs...
acceptance. A total surrendering to that part of me that has been 
bubbling at the rim waiting to tip over the edge.  That part 
of me that wants to create more than just...what I have done...
See more. Hear me. Be more. 
It is surely a process...

But as the metamorphosis occurs
I hope that it is accepted more as a journey as opposed to change.
I hope to have your excitement, along with your patience as 
 my brand and I evolve. 

Until next time. 

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