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A brief nod to the bits that I have 
found myself taken by...
On my IG, I addressed my artistic evolution. 
(because I guess I felt the need to explain before leaping) 
Just the act of releasing "the change" or what I have dubbed this 
period, "the morphing" has done my spirit so good. 
Literally, feels as if boulders have been lifted. 
Not sure if I am rowing this boat alone, but 
as a creative, you get stuck doing the same after the same 
after the same. Until one day it becomes robotic and empty 
and free of the emotion that you once had. 
For lack of better explanation...it becomes...work. 
And that is the LAST thing an artists wants to feel. 
Whatever it is that is being produced ought to feel 
like breathing and eating...it ought to come naturally to you. 
The moment force comes in, darkness follows. 
So I am surrendering to the change and the safety. 
And getting back to what I think I do best. 
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Until next time...

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