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So you know those moments when the light switch is hit and 
the room grows dark?  You are left in this pose eagerly searching 
for something familiar that can lead you back to 
the light. This was me. In the dark at the beginning of the year. 
Exhausted after a stab at growing my business. Not getting a huge client. 
Battling an internal creative evolution....
 Insert Baltimore resident Andrea Pippins .

At the beginning of the year she challenged her followers and beyond to doodle more
(check out #wedoodle)---where she would provide the subject and release you to 
create your version of magic. 

It is simple and unassuming but 
this triggered the rawness and sincerity that I love about art. 
Because typically when you are doodling you are moving freely 
and not concerning yourself with a critic or set style. 
In essence it assisted in the "peeling back the layers" process of my 
artistic change. Aside from that challenge, her work spoke loud and clear. 
Graphic and Empowering. Chock full of patterns and layers.
Full of color with a message and right up my alley. 

So I added a bit of her work to my home
and kind of welcomed this Graphic Bohemian baptism to wash over me.
(yes, art is just that spiritual) 
Or better yet, say yes to what had always been there, but had been pushed
aside for a while. The process is long, but at least the visual feast Andrea provides
is there to help with the push through.   
I encourage you to checkout her blog which is basically a peek inside her brain...
and score some of her work for yourself in her shoppe

Until next time...

(p.s. Andrea should you ever read this...thank you...just thank you)

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