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Many of you haven't visited my home.
But if you did you would always find three things:
Candles burning everywhere, some chocolate covered treat, and my record player humming
Humming because it is always in between "letting the kids have their tv time" and
me having a moment of pure aural bliss. 
Though I have a pretty vast collection Sam Cooke 
never gets put back on the shelf.
If we had a sitcom, the theme music would be Cooke's. 
But there has been a break in the air. 
Enter crooner Leon Bridges
I always listen to new music with my eyes 
closed to let it really wash over me. 
But I couldn't with him. 
I was immediately jolted back to a different era. 
I felt like I was doing myself a major disservice my 
1. Being recently introduced and feeling a bit late to the party 
but 2. listening to his music on my laptop.  I definitely fall 
into the purist basket and believe music before the 80s 
(with the exception of Adele and Amy) ought to be played on vinyl only. 
Please do yourself a bit of good and treat yourself to 
an easy Saturday morning vibe during the week and listen to the album.

Check out Comin Home

Until next time. 

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