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The deeper we fall into Summer the more I crave
bright and airy spaces to act as coffee beans for my eyes. 
After a failed attempt at incorporating white bedding while trying to 
create an at home getaway atmosphere,
(Note: wait until your kids are not "jumping on the bed" age)
I find myself eager to redeem myself.

Even though my heart typically belongs to eclectic patterns and bold pops 
of colour, there really isn't anything more refreshing than 
white on white on white with a bit of rustic charm.

Creating a light filled oasis is usually the goal. 
All I hear is Madeleine Peyroux when I look at this. 
(I legit shed a single, glistening tear for this one) 
And don't get me started on the fresh lavender pot...

So what about you? 
How do you make your home a plane free escape from
the daily dose of crazy?

Until next time...

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