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Yippee!!!! One of my favorite times of the year is around the bend!

Back to School!
No I'm not in school anymore but I just love the feeling of getting new 
supplies (mmm fresh eraser smell!), back packs, crayons and pens. 
And the kids go back! SAHM raise your glasses!
Just because you're not catching the bus doesn't mean 
you can't treat yo'self to a helping of stellar desk essentials. 
Let's walk through....

For starters, get your arse on the cool kid train and pick up a Ban.do
17 month planner...like yesterday! 
If you are anything like me, you have butt tons of post-its 
hangin out all over the house.  Get a handle on the mounds and add a 
teaspoon of order to your life. 
Tricked out with the dopest stickers that'll keep
all your important date nights and chill nights in the forefront. 
And not to mention secret #bandogirlgang decoders...
(very A Christmas Story style minus the Ovaltine--ha!)
And well, it's just soooo pretty!! 
I may or may not fall asleep staring at it. 

tape // necklace // agenda // paper clips (Target in-store) // tray (similar) 

Having fun "Desk Bits", as I like to call them, is a need. 
Being a business owner there are so many ducks that have to stay in a row to 
keeping order is usually at the top of the list. I figure keeping my 
office supplies along the lines of my business
 - Playful and Happy - will inspire me to get things in order 
faster because I am eager to use them. 
(This is what I tell my husband when I come back from Target with more than toilet paper. winkwink) 

For tons more office inspo and a healthy lust session over
work spaces that look like "before the project hits the fan" 
follow my Pinterest board .

Until next time, 

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