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Black is the new black. Nope not with dresses or shoes --- skincare
Many companies, mass and indie, are hopping on the Charcoal trend as a
method for cleansing and getting those pores squeaky clean and tight.
I figured I walk you through a few of my favorite Black skincare products that
have changed my skincare game forever and a few that I just lurve.
Shall we....

1. Lancome Genefique: 
 Okay, so this product is not technically black,
but the packaging is so let's run with it. k? ok
This miracle in a bottle has seriously changed the texture and tone
of my skin within a weeks time.
No, I am not exaggerating.  My pores are much smaller and my skin appears
brighter (not to be confused with "lighter" or "bleached")
It has a radiance that has me doing grocery store runs with a bare face.
Say Whaaaat?! This was my first dance in serum land,
and while it is definitely an investment,
I figure I only have 1 face so why not splurge a tad.

2. Charcoal Roll-on Blemish Stick:
For those monthly presents left on your chin,
this is the way to go. Handmade by Alex Elle, this roll-on gently attacks pimples
by pulling the impurities in the surrounding area and clogged pore itself without
leaving the skin feeling stripped.
With all natural ingredients like charcoal, witch hazel and essential oils
your skin will calm le-eff down and maybe even buy you a drink.

3. Origins Charcoal Mask:
Ok, so I am die hard bentonite clay mask lover,
but there are some days when you need something that is going to
 tackle those pores without cementing your face.
This mask does just that.
Using it 1 a week (or twice if I sleep with MU on)
re-balances my skin and aids in the reducing of acne and
redness.  It's completely refreshing.

4. Black Beauty Blender: 
If you are into liquid foundation and don't have a Beauty Blender,
stop what you are doing and go rock back & forth in the corner and
contemplate your whole life.
It is seriously the best this that has happened to MU application
EVER. The dups that you may see at TJ Maxx may look similar,
But they are a far cry from the original.  I had the pink one, but to be
honest, with the constant use of darker brown shades, it looks
pretty beat up after a few uses. The black is a great solution, if your
like me and get discouraged by unattractive tools.

5. Boscia Charcoal Sheet Mask: 
Yes, it another mask, but I have zero time for spa facials.
The Boscia sheet masks imitate that experience a bit.
Now I must preface by saying that the texture of this mask
is a bit on the slimy side. The cooling effect (especially around the eyes)
totally cancels out any grossness.  Not only does it help to diminish puffiness it
refines pores to infancy status and leaves you radiant.

6.  Laura Mercier Extra Lash Sculpting Mascara:
You know how you get the best lashes towards the
end of the tube?  Well, this somehow allows you to
get that same thickness at the beginning.  It has a very lush
plastic brush (oxymoron right?) and an intensely rich black

7. BareMinerals Lasting Line Long-Wearing Eyeliner:
Everything a cat-eye obsessed gal needs.
Rich formula. Check
Smudge-ibilty. Check
Stays put after you get the flick & tightlines perfected. Check Check!!!
It's a twist up with a built in smudger sponge AND a mini sharpener.

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Until next time,
xo Kel

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