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I have taken a much need break from this space. 
To decide what it will be... what it won't be. 
While that is still up for (internal) debate, 
I thought I would go back to the basics and stop thinking so much 
about the space and simple be what I always intended to be for you
an un-earther. 

I recently came across this wonderful highlight of artist 
Tanekeya Word, 
a self professed Contemporary "Afro - Futuristic" Visual Artist and Woman 
comprised of intergalactic afro-dust  .
The chills. The minut details that only microns can capture. 
The hair. The eyes. The palettes.
She instantly became that friend in my head. 
Aside from her ability to channel her newfound maternal role, 
 artistic sensibility and style, 
something she mentioned really resonated with me. 

She talks about being deliberate with her focus on the black woman 
in art, because it is essentially an afterthought.  There is an influx of 
faces that serve as artistic disconnections to women of color. 
The story, the style, the stroke is all the same, yet not ours. 
I too have undergone the same assessment in my work and field. 
There is a void... one that I would love to fill. 
That only happens by carrying likenesses with me. 
(insert my instagram feed compacted with melanin magic) 

I am looking forward to 
plunging into Tanekeya's written work over on Saint Heron
and perusing her collection that continues to celebrate
the multifaceted magic of the Black community. 

Until next time...
xo, Kel 

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