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...today is my birthday. 23rd to be exact...not to complain or be overly dramatic, but i feel so much older than i actually am. i have accomplished quite a few of my goals that i set for myself within the past 5 years and being a mother of course takes one hell of a toll on the body,mind...hell everything. i am so grateful to have such a wonderful family. nothing extravegent was planned which was fabulous! i received tons of great music by the greats (ella, nat, billie and duke) as well as a Audrey 5 disc box set, (i wont be leaving my home for a while)...any who i am just so glad and appreciative to have been granted yet another birthday. whether i am where i thought i would be at this point in my life or not...i have so much love in my life and peace(when Chloe Monroe is asleep)...and i got my cupcakes Red Velvet w/cream cheese frosting cupcake from Highland Bakery so all is right with the world...goodnight until i have to feed my addiction again..*bisousbisous**

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