Pin It Now! Mr. Lyons if you are reading this...stop and skip to the next blog...but for the next couple of lines, i will be chick-chatting

...all my life, well, since i discovered love, i have envisioned the most fabulous proposal ever involving my family and tears and the most gorgeous man on his knee asking me, dork of all dorks, to spend the rest of my dorky days with him...and of course like every other woman in love, i have thought about what my ring should look like...up until yesterday, i have said, Tiffany's Please, classic Tiffany setting in platinum ... the most simple of all the setting and most radiant ring ever (in my opinion)...but after re-examining myself in the past couple of days (thanks to the monthly curse), i have retreated back to my former self...i have always dreamt of walking through a street market in Paris of course, and stubbling across the most beautiful ring...it doesnt have to be a diamond either, but has to scream...me. Im sure this relieved Durrell (the hun) of the 1500lb weight on his shoulders...but it also made me remember that love is not about being able to provide one another with materialistic forms of expression, but that a phone call just to say hello and a kiss on the forehead when you least expect it is better than any Tiffany's setting there is...

...a ring that embodied the elements that make up my persona, would consist of...

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