the best day in a long time

Pin It Now! ...never again will i feel such happiness and pride for people i don't even know...for my country...my future...the future of my children and grandchildren and so on...i don't even think i could be this happy and thankful on my wedding day...i have been crying all day tears of joy and relief...every time i see mahlia and sasha, i think to myself, those little girls looked just like me (in essence), they represent and mean so much to me...as a mother of a ethnic child...i see my daughter in their eyes...and Lady Obama, Mrs. Barack Obama...oh how she makes me so proud to be a woman first and then a woman of color...to stand beside her husband, a leader of a nation, and not be silent like many before her...to ensure that her voice is heard yet is still able to let her husband assume the role God has intended for him...it is not her choices of fashion that have made her so utterly captivating but it is her stride in those Jimmy Choo's...her choice to wear them at 2.5 inches as opposed to the 4.5 we are accustomed to, it is her knee length, cleavage covering ensembles that rest in my back pocket and remind me that being a lady first is being a woman always,...and to my president, the first president that i have voted for, the first man i could trust to lead this nation to a restoration of hope and ignite such a flame under one's gut to persevere and to continue with your good efforts...Mr. Obama...thank you for your continuing courage and effort to change the perspective of the naive and ignorant...thank you for representing the forgotten African-American male that doesn't need rims and cars and backpacks of cash, but uses his intelligence, heart, ingenuity to leverage him to higher plateaus...thank you for reminding us, America, Kenya, Mexico, Haiti, Japan...that we can, we actually can...

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