Pin It Now! discovery of the day:
... the majority of my morning/afternoon has been spent at the boutique with little hope for excitement or inspiration, then in walk the Asiancajuns to liven up the bland winter white day. i had never heard of them before, but instantly i scoped out their duds and swooned at their effortless style(or maybe there is a little umph, i dunno...)...i wished i had my camera on hand...they were joined by their friend Alicia, also impeccably dressed...
oh yeah, there is a part deux to my discovery...i remembered that i was still young...the other day i was in kind-of a schlump because of my never ending list of tasks and goals and such...i have so many things that i would love to acheive prior to turning 30,which at that moment felt like it was approaching within the hour...but i then remembered...i am only 23!!! Wheeew!...i still have time...thank goodness...^o^

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