pink ponies aren't always magical and followed by glitter trails

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discovery of the (yester)day:
....so, i was reminded yet again that when you are married, the ring, house, kids, family vacations don't always make a difference...especially when one of the two parties isn't happy, or has felt trapped by the other. in my constant daydream of my future with the hun...I often think about the random wenches that prey on the married men, the good men, the devoted men...and then seek sympathy from random women, devoted women, wives of the preyed upon,because they are in looooooove....thumbs down. Truthfully speaking there is an ongoing trust issue with me...because i am aware of the pitfalls aka whores that exist...the wedding day is just that, a day. yeah it'll feeling a bit magical but T&A often seem better than butter cream colour hydrangeas ya know...but i don't what so ever doubt the power of our love, our vision, our longing for the happiness that the generations before us were not able to attain.

so...i toast to long lasting , tried and tested, but overcome-able...L-O-V-E!!!! (eyes, eyes)

here are some pictures of spaces i love ...

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