Pin It Now! I remember seeing you for the first time
My stomach flipping, nerves firing
I remember touching you for the first time
My fingers trembling, my heart pounding
I remember kissing you for the first time
Lips touching, gently tasting
I remember lying next to you for the first time
Skin against skin, exchanging warmth
I remember watching you sleep for the first time
Your eyes closed, deep in peace
I remember you waking against me
Murmuring in my ear
But what I remember most
Is falling asleep in your arms
Content at last

by blowdart

a bed by the wall may not be so bad...huh you?

...making love was never about you and me in a bed. We made love whenever we held hands.

discovery of the day: on my way to work i ventured off into this little side store up the way. I have been wanting to stop in for sometime now...come to find out, it is bargain heaven!!! a large painted iron fan-ten dollars!! swoon! picture frames for 3 to 5 dollars. antique book box for 10 dollars and would clearly sell for 150 dollars. and the owner Joyce(i believe) was so welcoming and not pressuring. sad part is, in my excitement i didn't get the name of the shop, number, or address...will post shortly

"you know i'll support you even if you wanted to start a chain of lemonade stands...i want nothing more than for my family to be happy."-you

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