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Discovery of the day:

...i was finally present while someone purchased one of my headbands!! what an amazing feeling to be appreciated and to brighten someone's day via a random pretty thing. I have three left at the store...in the words of Ginny Branch, "today I am grateful for"...

1. the ability to release myself from wanting wealth, but only wonder. not many can simply focus on making pretty things that aren't neccessarily needs, but are essentially food for the soul.

2. all the specials for stopping by for round 2 of (r-ki-tekt).Jaci...can't put into words how truely grateful and appeciative i am. thank you for giving me a shot

3. i love you calls at 3am.

4. the bowl full of dum-dums...you would be surprised by the new flavors they have added...what a treat

Lovelist Lovely List
week long birthdays
red leather surprises
abate for payless
silver cupcake sheets
random fabric swatches from henry-days

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