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Boy, it has been a while since i last posted...things have been pretty busy on my end...the good kind of busy though. I officially and legally own the name (r-ki-tekt)!!! I am soooo thrilled and excited and awed that i'm doing all that i dreamed and intended on doing in spite of...everything. though it is going slow, (which is perfectly fine considering how much there is to do when starting a business solo) i am eager to go through the whole process. It is kinda like being pregnant all over again. Minus the constant figetting going on inside of your belly and wanting to eating everything in sight.

...ahhhh, wonder is in the works...

i purchased this amazing piece of luggage a couple of days ago, that i, of course did not need.
i believe i am truly a tiny old lady that collects unnecessary randomness for sport.
luggage, plates (i don't even have my own place yet),perfume bottles and the etc's of life.
i have been contemplating selling some things, but i have such a bond with all of my treasures that it just does not seem right.

i have five pieces left at Jac. after having refreshed the supply. I am elated that people are just enjoying them.
this past week, Jesse from Our Labor of Love, apparently purchased the first piece i put together. Not only does she have fabulous taste in headbands (wink), but she and her husband, Whit, take amazing photos of lovers loving love! aka wedding photos. and they have produced an adorable mini Gracyn!! i literally spent an entire day looking at their blog/portfolio.

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