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Discovery Of The Day:
We all have a little "Martha" in us, some more than others. Not too long ago I was the gal that preferred to run over to Publix(the grocery store nearest) to pick up my baked goods. (They really do have some amazing cupcakes.) but recently I have been transfixed on baking my own treats!! **GASP**
Since starting my mini family and finding the person I want to spend the rest of my life with, I try/tried very hard to be anti-50s housewife.(though i love cute aprons and roller set hair with a red lip,it is just not me, so i thought)
the more i thought about it the more it grew on me. Hey why not make tons-o-goodies for the house??
I mean I love indulging in the beauty and taste of desserts so why not have it all the time.
I'm sure the hun is going to love this epiphany...

Thanks to Jaci, I discovered a prospective baker's delight...Bakerella!!
I may be a little late on this dicovery, but I am new to the blogosphere.
She not only shares dreamy photos of her creations, but, get this...a step by step
on how to replicate...including the exact recipe. (How kind huh?)

How cute are these mini cupcakes....
Flowery Spring Time Sweets...

I made something similar to this around Thanksgiving, only I used Oreo's. Although they were sinful great, they were waaaaay too rich. (my family can vouch)
Well my favorite cake is Red Velvet...so for the discovery of the day, Here is the recipe! Enjoy!!

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