Pretty Piglettes and Paris

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Discovery of the Day:
Penelope...yes all, I had the rare opportunity to watch a movie. Thank goodness for On Demand!! Anywho, what a fantastically stress-free film. There was some much to ooooo and aaahhh at pertaining to costume and set. And am I the only one that suddenly wants a swing in her bedroom and a two-way mirror?

The last movie I saw, prior to seeing Penelope, was Paris, Je t'aime...and I must say that movie made me despise the fact that I was in Georgia!! (don't get me wrong, i love the priviledges of the US, but nothing can top Paris in my heart)
The way the camera capture the city from angles that only a camera and God can view...oh the envy. I stood upon the Eiffel Tower and took the deepest of breaths to try and retain that very moment forever...the movie took me back to that.
the only question mark throughout the entire film...the Elijah Wood/Vampire thingy...somewhat unnecessary, but the rest was fantastic.

Loveliest Lovely List

break and bake cookies


petit fours (something new for (r-ki-tekt)in the works)

ragu and rigatoni

big carefree hair

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