The formation of a sanctuary....

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I often try to refrain from posting photos of my home or seriously personal spaces, but in this case i will. a while ago I posted that I was trying to redo my small space called my room.
Redo in the organizing sense: I had a lot of magazines, a lot of papers, a lot of randomness picked up from many-a-venture to the Zu/antique markets/overseas....etc. Since my eyes have been opened by the world of blogging, I have been able to see that being organized doesn't mean modern stainless steel or all white. that probably sounded insanely naive, but seriously I was on my way to the hardware store to pick up white washing supplies.
My room has been this aqua blue for some time now. Thanks to a failed Caribbean theme. So recently to soften the blow of the brightness, i have given in to my secret love of the color pink and have add some plus a bit of white and cremes to tie in this "vibe" that has been very "me".
It is still a work in progress

My new wall...i have been building it up for some time now and just recently completed it with an oval gold frame featuring a lovely female bird
Oh...how I love the Effiel Tower...
I got this from a display from Victoria's Secret when I worked there during college
Mother's Day flowers from Chloe Monroe
the top of my book shelf. a pic of a mini-me and Marilyn, my original Chanel No.5 parfum bottle (lucky find...i'm so proud to own it) and an Hermes horse head rattle.

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