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i am not sure if many people know, but my Etsy shop for (r-ki-tekt) is offically open for business!!! considering the number of "views" i figured no one really knew...im not too sure as to how i can go about marketing it other than word of blog/mouth/facebook...it is definitely a project of all projects, but i am enjoying the constructive process thoroughly...
So what's in my shop you ask??...even if you didn't, i will tell you anyway
Here's a sample

If you are in Atlanta by chance stop by Jac in Inman Park
to see them and me in person.


  1. finally you enabled commentaires you little hot momma!!!! there have been a thousand times where i have wanted to post my excitement for you.

  2. It took me a while to realize that I never had a post a comment option! Thanks so much Ginny