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It has been a few days since i have done a posting huh?? i apologize to those that frequent my blog...life has been keeping me insanely busy suddenly. this past weekend was of course Mother's Day here in the states. but along with that came the hun's graduation from college!!! Lets give a big YIPEEEE!!!
it was an unexpected event, given that the adminstration at his school was poor and semi-incapable of doing their jobs. non-the-less he is free!!! but now life starts...i must say i am getting somewhat anxious for the next phase. a big page has turned in our book and now i...or we are trying our best to figure everything out as far as our"coming together" to be a family.
Speaking of unions, I stumbled upon my grandparents marriage licensing paperwork yesterday and DISCOVERED their real names!!! I never knew Frenchies had so many names.
it was lovely to see original copies of important documents (naturalization, citizenship, old passports) on tissue weight paper the typewriter imprints.

oh the days of simplicity.....how i long for thee....

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