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It is the morning hour and i am sitting in my bed, with one eye on Chloe Monroe and the other on the screen...She is so fascinating this morning.
Exploring the sights and sound of our quarters.
she just discovered her ability to make a squeeking noise by running the palm of her hand down her "Peter Cottontail" book. Something so simple had her cracking up and beaming her perfect 9-toothed smile.


Greatness of the Day:
yesterday was an amazing day. i myself believe in the power of prayer. And that is exactly how the day started; with the very rare opportunity to reflect while the sun rose. As I made my way out the door, i received a phone call regarding a possible magazine write up featuring my pretty pretties of (r-ki-tekt)!!!! Then in the Target parking lot, i found $2 blowing in the wind!!! Then to top of the day of surprises, the hun got a call back from SCAD, where he will now be working. We have all been praying for some door, window, or crack in the wall to open.

We are really trying to come together and end this whole long distance relationship madness and just be a family. It's a lot harder than people would ever guess if going based on visual perception. Anywhooooo... i am so proud of him and happy to finally hear a smile in his voice.

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