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Loveliest Lovely List:
America Suiteheart
String Lighting
Butter Biscuit Cookies
New Bars of Soap
Good ol' Hot Dogs (even though I am trying the whole Pescatarian thing)
Erin Fetherston online archives
gin and ed

1 comment:

  1. awwwwwww miss kelly! i am so, so, so glad you came! you and miss halligan norris smith were my two favorite faces to see right before i walked down the aisle. you looked amazing, YOU were amazing, and your photos were amazing. i loved having you there (and i think some of ed's fraternity brothers were quite taken with you-even though i told them you were waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy spoken for). : )

    thank you for coming, i love you dearly and next time i'm in atlanta we better hang out!